Tattoo Concealer Makeup For Weddings

Are you a bride to be with a tattoo?

Are you worried how it will look on your wedding day and what your friends and family will think?

Don’t worry the new Tattoo Secret Camouflage Kit has arrived in time to carefully conceal your tattoo throughout your special day, leaving skin flawless and tattoo hidden. It top secret. Shhh!

This clever cosmetic camouflage kit has been developed with professional skin camouflage experts at the Dermatology Department at St Marys Hospital. The Tattoo Secret Kit comes with simple to follow step-by-step instructions to guide you on your wedding make-up artist on the morning of your big day. The make up offers natural all day long coverage that will last from the morning it’s first applied to your last moment of the day.

Containing water resistant properties this kit means dancing and perspiring won’t blow your cover. You can also keep on using the kit on your honeymoon as each kit has enough for multiple applications. The kit is available in two skin colours, Light and Medium and costs just £29.99.

Tattoo Concealer Makeup For Weddings
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