Cosmetic camouflage kits for those occasions when a visible tattoo simply won’t do!


Neutralising colours

First cleanse the tattoo area to make sure the skin is clean and ready for the Neutralising Base Concealer. Use the spatula to place a little Neutralising Concealer on palm or back of your hand. Take small amounts of the concealer onto the concealer brush and apply over the tattoo using short strokes. Add layers until you are satisfied that the tattoo colour has been blocked out. Try both colours to see which covers the colours in your tattoo best. Different areas of your tattoo may require a different Base Concealer colour.

Applying finishing colour

In each Tattoo Secret kit you will find 3 Finishing Colours (light or medium) that contain high colour pigments for long lasting coverage. Apply the Finishing Colours to achieve a natural match to your skin tone. Play around with the colours to find out which works best.

As in Step 1, use the spatula to place a little Finishing Colour on the palm or back of your hand to soften the texture and make it easier to apply.

To achieve a natural finish blend the edges carefully.

It is recommended that you powder between every few layers of colour but the amount of Finishing Powder required depends on your skin type and the tattoo you are covering. Experiment with the right balance of colour and powder.

Setting the Colour

Our Finishing Powder is light and easy to apply. It sets the make up with a natural water resistant finish.

Gently roll on the powder with the puff provided and brush off excess with the mini brush provided.


– Always apply your make up in an area of natural light.

– To find the best neutralising colour to block out your tattoo and to match your skin tone    you will need to play around with all the colours.

– You may find a different colour works better on different parts of your tattoo or body.

– You may need to shave hairy areas in order to create a smooth surface to apply the concealers.

– Allow some time, practice makes perfect!

Download our PDF Application Guide (268kb)

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