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At last! For brides who have a tattoo that they want to cover on their wedding day, there is now a solution – the Tattoo Secret Tattoo Camouflage Kit.

There are many products on the market to cover tattoos, but often I have had comments from brides who have used them and said that they are heavy, thick products which are difficult for them to apply. This has meant brides often relying on a professional to do this for them.

I was so excited when I heard about this kit, as it sounded the perfect solution. If you have a tattoo for example at the base of your back, your wedding dress will cover it, but there are brides who have tattoos on their chest/ upper back/ arm and whilst they may love the look of their tattoo day-to-day, they want to cover it on their wedding day.

At £25, I think that this product is fabulous value.

The Tattoo Secret Kit comes with simple to follow step by step instructions. The makeup offers superb, natural coverage which is long-lasting, easy to apply and water resistant. With powder coatings in between the layers of camouflage creams, the coverage holds tight, even when touched or wet allowing coverage to last all day.

Tattoo Secret contains stacks of base and top coat shades to ensure a good colour match, plus all the tools to help you achieve a perfect finish. The kit is available in two colour ways, Light and Medium. I have personally tested this kit and the coverage I achieved with this kit is fantastic.

My top tip: make sure you practise covering your tattoo before the big day, do a couple of trials first. Your wedding day is not the time to try covering your tattoo for the very first time!

The website has great information, plus photographs and instructions.

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