Welcome to Tattoo Secret. Tattoo Secret is the first product from The Beauty Dispensary, a company set up to bring imaginative and effective products to your beauty routine. The company was founded by women facing the same beauty issues as you, put it simply we wanted products that work, are kind to your skin and wonderfully easy to use. We hope this comes across in our product, packaging and application guides.

So, why the tattoo business? Whether it’s a special do, a new look or just something you’d sometimes prefer to keep secret, there are times when your tattoo just isn’t doing it for you. Frustrated by the lack of high quality, effective options for just these situations we started working with one of the UK’s leading skin camouflage experts from St Mary’s Hospital London. Building on this base of scientific research we developed Tattoo Secret, an easy to apply camouflage cream specifically created for the heavy inks and colours often found in tattoos. As well as being highly effective and long lasting Tattoo Secret is kind to your skin and easy to wash off.

As a company, we always want to improve on what we do and and would love your feedback on Tattoo Secret!

Thanks and keep the secret!

The Beauty Dispensary

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